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CYBERAGE RADIO.......the mission...the purpose...the music...
updated 10/19/02

CYBERAGE RADIO was formed in 1995 by TOMMY T. After 3 years of hosting the metal show on KUNM,and growing bored with that style of music and its fanbase, TOMMY T. decided to follow his first love and take it to the highest level of music entertainment that he could achieve: with ELECTRO-INDUSTRIAL, POWER NOISE, EXPERIMENTAL, EBM, SYNTHPOP, and all the other dark subdivisions of ELECTRONIC MUSIC,TOMMY T. could expose the masses to the music they were all denied from other d.js and the lame, non-innovating radio stations and clubs alike!

KUNM was very cool and patient and allowed TOMMY T. follow his vision,and the listeners flocked to the show like mad. The underground has a new voice and a fresh style of d.j'ing, non-comprimising, mixed with a passion for the new and upcoming bands and artists working hard to be heard now!

The show has grown and grown over the years to become a standard in the ELECTRONIC / INDUSTRIAL scene over the last 7 years... a unique style that TOMMY T. has developed with this show that is often copied but never equaled.

In 1997, a good buddy - Data King(m.i.a) helped TOMMY T. and CYBOBURNT reach their goal with getting the Rage online and ready to listen to! streaming, and downloading was a new thing for most back then.The 3 became a team,were very lucky to receive some great hosting from Eric A., who really took the Cyberage to the next level. The worldwide consumption would begin!

CYBERAGE RADIO was the first ELEKTRO-INDUSTRIAL show online, and getting listeners hooked right away through advertisements on newsgroups and mailings lists,the party was on! WORLDWIDE listenership was growing quickly.

"Shortly after we started,a host of other new and upcoming d.js were getting in touch with CYBERAGE and trying to figure out how we were doing this... we definately were ahead of our time. (thanks Data!)... of course we gave them all the info,as we wanted to see more industrial, EBM, power noise and synthpop styles getting heard by all... there was just so much great music out that was being overlooked always ... by everyone!!!

Cyberage then inspired a whol new slew of d.js to come up and do their own thing on the internet.these were the new trend... the "internet only shows"... playing alot of electro-industrial and in a way, mimicing the CYBERAGE... it is flattering... for sure!"

The CYBERAGE RADIO is a very innovative, interesting and unique show! As we know it is not only a radio show, or strictly an internet only show, it incorporates the best of both worlds.

You can hear CYBERAGE RADIO live! and on air at 89.9 FM if you are in New Mexico,anywhere in N.M. as the station has a 100,000 watt signal.. Saturdays -overnight-1-6am!! prime time party time!

When you hear TOMMY T announce you can tell he is right in there with you, partying, dancing, having a wicked time, and the passion you hear in the breaks, is amazing. I never heard a program like this before. truly an original, and this d.j. does not need a room full of hosts, and guests, he concentrates on the show, the music, and the fans listening. now that is impressive! Listen to that mix! tight, seamless, smooth, and not based on the "beat mixing" that the silly club d.js worry so much about.

This is just original heartfelt d.j.'ing. Old school attitude mixed with new school images, music, commentary. brilliant!

you can listen to the CYBERAGE LIVE on the internet as well.. the time zone is MOUNTAIN STANDARD TIME 1-6 am saturday overnight (sunday mornings) and this can all be heard at - http://kunm.org

Each week you can listen to a new 5 hour radio show filled with the best new and upcoming artists, bands, and labels with new sounds to offer. The show is based on the present and future... which is completely rare in this day and age!

--Jason Suppini


The mission..... to bring new sounds, new artists and great electronic music to more peoples ears than ever before... give bands an outlet to be heard and to make this form of radio more popular than commercial radio... as it should be. we want more people to get into this music, support these great bands and tell more about them all. its always been about the music, always been about the sounds... not the d.j., not the look, not the poseur side of things that the club scene and gothic scene negatively bring to this music. why do you think i do the show alone for the most part... except when my wack split personality syndrome kicks in... and takes over... the power of the music is what commits me to insanity, and pure bliss.:-)

the purpose.... to have the online community checking out this radio show and other cool ones like it... instead of downloading, file sharing and destroying the music, the underground, the bands and labels. the radio shows like this are here for you to hear and sample new music... legally!! yeah! how cool... we are friends with the labels and bands, and we know that without them... there is no radio, no clubs, no fun, no music, believe it or not... "generation d" thinks they know it all... but they didn't create anything yet to see how bad the illegal bootlegging and sharing of copyrighted materials affect the overall value of art in general. they are the ones doing the bootlegging... hehe so they do not value stuff, until its gone... sharing is fun, when its not your stuff... right!

we respect the artists always, and the labels who put out all the money to release,promote and get these bands heard and rising..they all deserve respect and to have the support. if you like the music... buy it... it will help the bands and great electronic scene survive... really... this is fact. not opinion.

the music... it is from all over the globe... it is from all over the electronic scope... it is from artists with heart and soul... with a passion to go beyond the typical, commercial, easy format... its all about vision... and are connecting with those who do the music, and those who understand and love what we play... the music is what keeps me alive... the music keeps us from losing it all, cause society is weak, and bitterly pathetic without good music.

this is out revolution now... we will not submit, we will not thrive on the past, and mainstream, commercial music that has no place in our show, our lives, our revolution. the commercial bands and mainstream has too much already, we are as far away from any of that as we can be... for good reason.

we let the past be remembered and loved or hated for what it is... now we forge forward into an uncertian future, where we can try to control... and decide what music is heard,and no longer do we need commercial d.js, tv, or anything telling, and playing us the same old heartless, corporate processed crap... thats the revolution. lets tear it all down..the mainstream should be done with..and new music of the electronic age should be heard by more and more ....until it consumes all.

then we reach utopia.

that last part was supposed to be funny...

more Cyberage Radio to come... always... and forever.

--Jason Stuppini w/ TOMMY T. assistance... (2002)

Logos :

You might have noticed the cyberage logo at the bottom of the page changes with every new link or reloading of our site. Like the music you hear on the show, we like to support independent underground artists of all types, including graphic artists! All the logos on this page were made by fans, if you would like to submit logos please match the size of the pictures above and send them to the webmaster at burnt@dsbp.cx.

Contributors : this number matches the number in the filename of the logo
1. Steph Dumais     2. cyb0burnt     3. cyb0burnt
4. Rob Fraser     5. Courtney Tittiger     6. Stephanie Fraikin
7. Stephanie Fraikin     8. Rob Fraser     9. Terminal Blue
10. Raine Vivian     11. Jon M     12. Jon M
13. Iceburn     14. Jon Wikstrom Genetic Anomaly     15. Rob Fraser
16. XoN     17. Stendeck
21. XoN     22. DJ Archimedes


Interviews :


> <_______begin interview____>
> Restrictions of Internet Radio.
> Some say "all good thing's come to an end?".
> May this be the case of internet radio show's.
> Culture Shock talk's with Tommy T from "Cyberage Radio".
> Greeting's Tommy thatnk's for taking a time out with us from your busy
> 1. I know Cyberage has been running for awhile now,how long has there been
"red tape" involved with internet radio show's.Like those the RIAA and similar
organization's are trying to push.

hey man, nice talking to you...hope you are doing good..
i think the red tape began this year...i never heard of any internet radio
problems till now...but i am in my own little world,and stay as far away from
the mainstream media,and all that as possible..

> 2.How have recent ruling's and event's changed "or" has it changed your show

it has not changed it too much..we never played the RIAA ,major label shit
bands anyways...its not music for the Cyberage...mainstream,major label music
is for the mainstream..not underground /public/college radio...
so we are getting waivers to play the music without royalty fees from the
smaller labels we work with...and thats it..if the corporates try to fuck with
us,and get us off the internet...we will send our boys down and .,,,,,,
i'm not worried about it.

> 3. How do you think it will affect lister's of show's such as your's and many
other's like your's.

i think the shows are gonna have to get the waiver forms from labels signed
and ready for when the Riaa come down on them...i would not suggest playing no
major labels on the shows...that will help..if you do not play RIAA
bands..then what can they really do?
theres tons of opinions on this..but i am not letting those assholes bother me
,or keep me in fear.

> 4.Do you feel "as I do" that it's just more of big brother taking away more of
our freedom's...Like internet radio's demise today tomorrow what people can
wear, implanted computer chip's in someone's body cavity? """Oh they're already
doing that chip thing anyway's aren't they hint hint"""!

LOl..most definately...theres always gonna be more obstacles in our way of
happiness,and the corporate control over us "common people" is only growing.
we just have to quietly rebel,and not let their rules get in the way of our
fun..when they take it all away..revolution will come from chaos...it always

> 5.What can people do in taking the first step in basically saving their own
freedom..[What may be small today will just pave the way to worse thing's later
in time..]
i think by supporting the underground music scene and not worrying about
corporate distributors,stores,and all that stuff..
supporting the real good internet radio shows,and the new music..theres
nothing that can stop that..the music will always be most important and most
powerful,and liberating.

> 6.Where might people find more information so they can do their part's in
maintaining "music listening freedom" and why should they do it...

i think the Save the internet radio campaign is still going...get involved
check out those links,and write to the proper people,and spread the word..and
keep the freedom alive.

thanks for the interview,and lets not let the corporate evils ruin our fun and
spirit...we go on!!
keep in touch,and check out the DSBP for the best deals in new music..
laters bro,

> In closing your honor,
> Thing's change quikly in this world,something that may be minor today may
prove to be even more drastic as time roll's on..What you do today may stop the
grander scale of thing's to come...
> Act now it's never to LATE...
> Special thank's to Tommy T of CYBERAGE RADIO
> http://www.cyberage.cx
> Listen to Cyberage Radio 24/7 lot's of great
Gothic/Industrial/Experimental/Electro music as well as the top underground and
indie artist's making their debut's on great show's as this....
> (c)ACyD BURN 02
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> DeKonstruKtion ReCords
> http://www.dekonunderground.cjb.net
> Nation of Disorder
> http://www.mp3.com/ACID_BATH
> http://www.mp3.com/DDK
> Culture Shock ezine
> http://doomzdaykult.tripod.com/culture_shock_ezine/

3.25.99:UNM Daily Lobo, Gabe Garcia
"Industrial music finds a 'Cyberage' home"

9.10.98: Terry Morgan, Elektrik Transfusion
Each issue, ELEKTRIK TRANSFUSION will explore the world of a prominent DJ in the industrial field. For this issue, we have selected Tommy T, DJ of "Cyberage" in Albuquerque, NM and head of DSBP Records. Terry Morgan conducted the interview and here is what Tommy had to say...

When and how did you start Cyberage?

I started doing the Cyberage in 1994, it was a mixture of cyberage and Freeform, where I also played punk and a little metal. Right around 95, it became fully known as the cyberage, and only within the last 8 months have we gone worldwide onto the net, and now the word is spreading very well. It's very gratifying for me, because DJ-ing was my first love, even before I was a musician or label. It's good to know people can get into the songs I'm playing, and listen to the info and personalities as well. We keep it interesting the whole way through. Thanks to KUNM for dealing with me all these years. They are a really cool station with nice people in the top positions, luckily for me, or I'd be out in the cold!

What have been some pro's and con's to dj-ing?

The good points are, I get airtime to expose potential thousands to brand new music, and also inject some fun as well. It's also great to get all the cool promo CDs and discounts as well. It's good to be able to make a difference as well and know that I can actively support bands that I truly enjoy and become better friends with them as well. That's why I love the underground! Most of the bands I play are very easy to talk to, as well as making great music! As far as the con's go, I'd have to say getting harassed by certain people constantly on the phones and ringing doorbell at the station, people threatening to kill me for playing a certain style of music or song, but I just laugh at those people, because I'm lookin for a good fight anyway, and if they mess with Tommy T, they messin with a big clan of thugs known as DSBP!!

Heard you had a bad situation with Van Richter. What came out of all that?

Yes Paul is definitely an antagonist. We used to work together, and were once pretty good friends. He became annoyed with me doing my own label, and playing more of a variety of bands on my show, and once I let him know he wasn't my master and I wasn't his slave, he pretty much turned on me. Everyone has heard about him trying to get me kicked off the air at KUNM by bringing the FCC into it. The only thing that came out of that was more attention for the Cyberage and more negative attention for himself. I can't say I want to hurt the guy cause I think he can do that himself. Deep down I wish we could just be friends.

Tell us about DSBP.

DSBP is a label that started coming out with elektro industrial releases in 1996. I started this label to get lots of new and underground original sounding artists heard. Since it's hard to find all of that at first, and take a chance on 5 or 10 bands all at once, I decided to focus on compilations after my own Diverje album. Our compilations "Industro Synthesis" and "Futronik Structures 1" brought us attention from around the world featuring artists from around the world. Some of those bands have moved on to larger labels and have a strong following due in part to these releases. We then realized it was time to come out with a full length album. We had planned on doing another Diverje, but when the oppurtunity arose to sign the great Brazilian EBM crossover buddies Biopsy, we had to jump at that oppurtunity to sign such a talented and orginal sounding band. They already had success underground with their album on CDC, and once this album came out it totally carried over, and thanks to Biopsy, DSBP has become a bigger force than before, with people really respecting and taking us seriously, which is nice. Our latest 3 releases are all compilations, "Digital:6::Focus:A", "Futronik Structures 2", and "Elektro Discharge", follow the same path except there are some more bands from bigger labels on these CDs, with unreleased exclusive tracks. We are trying to combine the underground and the bands ready to break into bigger bands. It's all about unity and support for the things you love!

Do you play any instruments?

Yes I started playing saxophone in 4th grade, and singing in chorus and in bands by the time I was 14. I've always played guitar as well, but never really been totally into it. I started playing keyboards finally in 1991 through some classes at UNM, and it got me interested enough to purchase my own shortly after, I've been playing ever since. So the main instruments I play these days are keyboards, as many as I can find or borrow, and I love to do vocals on my own stuff and in collaboration with others. I don't think there is enough industrial vocalists that really have intense emotion in what they're doing, that can range from melodic to harsh and everything in between, so I'm doing my part to bridge that gap.

What are some of the bands you grew up listening to?

Some of the first bands that really caught my ear were the classic rock bands when I was young, you know, I won't name. But right before I turned 13, I discovered public radio. Once I heard bands like Killing Joke, DEVO, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, OMD, Ministry, and Duran Duran, I was hooked on the electronic new wave of that time. It was totally a dream to be doing what they were doing then when my time would come.

What are some of the newer bands that have caught your eye?

There are so many bands that catch my eye these days, Most of them being the bands on Pendragon, 21st Circuitry, Cop International, and Metropolis. But those bands are all signed, so that's expected right? Some of the unsigned bands I've heard, or bands on very small self-run labels that I think will be big in the future, I would have to say, Inertia, Lateral Tension, Idiot Stare, Nothing Inside, Produkt 13, Testube, Noise Level 9, Noxious Emotion, Side 3, Audio Paradox, I Parasite, and many others.

Who have been the highlights in '98 so far (in your opinion)?

Albumwise, I'd have to say... Individual Totem "Mind Sculptures Flesh", Velvet Acid Christ "Calling Ov the Dead", Negative Format "Pathologic Syndrome", Biopsy "Cervix State Sequences", THD "Watz Your Program", Aghast View "Carcinopest", Synapscape "Rage", and SMP "Ultimatum". Damn that's some good stuff!

Any new releases you are awaiting?

I am awaiting them all. I am not really obsessed by any one band, I try to share my love with all. But some of the bands I am awaiting new stuff from are: Babyland, 16volt, VAC, LeaetherStrip, Wumpscut, and of course new Biopsy.

Who do you predict wil be big in '99?

Hopefully DSBP, and all the other upcoming and intense labels. I forsee elektro industrial music in general becoming big. There are too many great bands from all sides of the coin doing these styles. But I really do think Wumpscut, LeaetherStrip, Funker Vogt, VAC, Biopsy, and Razed in Black will be huge.

What is the best electronic band you have seen live?

The problem here is we don't get to see too many electronic bands live. A very unfortunate thing, but there's not many places to invade with it as well. Everyone here is into rap or alterna-country out here. But the best bands that I have gotten a chance to see live were 29Died, 16Volt, Noxious Emotion, and of course KMFDM.

How do you feel about 90's electronic music as to the 80's?

I think it's great to hear the progression in the 90s from the 80s yet still hear a lot of influence and retro styles coming up. It has expanded and grown tremendously, yet there is still not any of the bands in the over all billboard charts or really selling well like they were in the 80s. Perhaps people were smarter then, and accepted different music, or maybe it's just about ready to blow up and happen now. Let's hope for the latter, you know I'll be trying my best for that to happen.

You've done radio and the label. What would you like to do next in the scene?

What I'd like to do next is what I was originally doing, and that's making music and getting albums out and known. So for now I'd like to get the Diverje album out to the masses, and hopefully become accepted as another good elektro / crossover cyber band. I took a chance on this upcoming album by doing each song a little differently, and with many different friends as well. My own music is very important to me, because it's all about what's inside and what is going on outside, and I feel I have a lot to give in the overall scene musically as well. Please keep an eye out for the Diverje album, hitting the streets in October of 98!

Thanks for your time. Anything you'd like to add?

I'd like to thank you for the interview, I appreciate it very much! It's nice to get recognized for my work sometimes! I think you gotta do what you love in life, even if it's against all the odds and people laugh at you and don't believe in what you're doing, as long as you're having fun and somewhat able to live off it, keep it going! It's nice to have people like you in the scene, the good press and underground zines, that can help get all of the musicians, labels, DJs, etc more known in the scene by all. We must all work together and fill the need as one! Thanks for all the support, please check out the DSBP webpage (http://www.dsbp.cx/), and of course the Cyberage (http://www.cyberage.cx/) for all the fun!!